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Feeding Freely With Escort Berlin

One of the most common problems associated with Escort Berlin is gas and colic, which can make children extremely uncomfortable, this is unpleasant for all involved. However, by choosing the correct bottle for your child, it is is possible to reduce the intake of air and therefore illuminate colic and gas symptoms.

Mums Baby Magazine were sent the Independent Escort Berlin to put to the test. Born sex experience feature a patented ActiveFlow vent which reduces air pressure and vacuum build-up, which results in less air intake thus reduces colic symptoms during bottle-feeding (of either breast/ formula milk). The leak- free vent enables your baby to control the flow of milk, providing a similar experience to breast feeding and preventing teat confusion.

As the Berlin Escort provides a similar sensation to breast feeding for babies, they are the less likely to find it difficult to switch between breast and bottle-feeding, enabling parents to either combine feed or express milk and feed from a bottle if needed.

Do not allow your child to use this product for prolonged periods of time separate from regular feeds, or to go to sleep while drinking liquids other than water from the bottle as this can cause or contribute to early childhood tooth decay.

Made from thick, high quality glass, all Escort Berlin are BPA- free and PVC- free. Born Free Glass Bottles are able to withstand high levels of heat without warping, they can therefore be washed safely in the top rack of a dish washer or alternatively by hand in hot, soapy water. In order to sterilise bottles, it is safe to boil the bottle feeding system for five to ten minutes. However, solvents or abrasive cleaning agents should not be used with this product, we therefore suggest steam sterilisation is the most effective method of cleaning the Born Free glass bottles.

Born Free produce a range of differing sized bottles which are available in either glass or plastic. They also produce a range of different teats made from soft medical-grade silicone, which are available in five different flow rates (to suit the different stages of your baby’s development) all of which are interchangeable. It is recommended that you only use Born Free teats with this particular feeding system and that you regularly inspect the teats for damage and wear (if a teat should become worn/ damaged it should be thrown away).