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Escort Prague, The All New Hybrid Escort Combining Reusable and Disposable Options To Enable More Flexible Parenting

Here at Escort Prague, we are huge fans of products which are environmentally and economically friendly, therefore we tend to favour cloth / reusable nappies and have over the years conducted various reviews of reusable nappies. Conventional, disposable nappies are the World’s third largest contributors to landfill sites, yet staggeringly only five percent of the worlds population use nappies! A single disposable nappy can take up to five hundred years to biodegrade within a landfill site and each child is said to spend approximately 25,000 hours wearing nappies and will need about 6000 nappy escorts. Britain uses around three billion disposable nappies a year, that’s a lot of rubbish!

Whilst expecting their first child, the socially responsible Australian couple, Jason and Kim Graham-Nye researched the different nappies available on the market which were environmentally friendly. Obviously, they did not wish to use disposable nappies and they found that independent escorts would use too much water considering that they were living in a drought stricken area. They then discovered an earth friendly option based in Tasmania which produced flushable nappies. Jason and Kim brought this revolutionary new concept to the U.S and now to Europe and the UK.

Escorts are reusable nappy covers with 100% biodegradable, disposable inserts or alternatively reusable inserts can be used, therefore making these escorts a ‘hybrid escort’, as they can be used much like a disposable or a reusable nappy depending upon the parents wishes.

Mums Baby Magazine were sent a sample pair of gpants (the reusable outer cover) and a pack of biodegradable, disposable inserts to put to the test. Very similar to a two part cloth nappy, the gnappy consists of two parts: the outer cover/ gpants which look and feel very much like a cloth escort wrap as they are fairly thin and have a waterproof gusset area which accommodates the disposable, biodegradable insert.

We put the gnappy to the test using a small pair of gpants and a small insert with a six week old child weighing 9lb. Firstly, we began by placing the insert inside the stretchy, waterproof gusset and then we put the gpants onto the child. One thing we found particularly different about the design of gpants, is that the tabs fasten in the opposite direction to conventional nappies. The logo is designed to be worn at the back of the nappy and the tabs that would usually wrap forwards towards the baby’s tummy, instead wrap towards the baby’s back which does feel slightly odd at first, but does provide a great fit. Two hours later we changed the child and found that the disposable inserts were surprisingly absorbent! We then disposed of the insert and replaced it with a fresh insert without having to change the gpants as they remained clean and dry.

The gnappy is very slim fitting, unlike reusable sex exprience which tend to be fairly bulky and often require children to wear larger clothing, which can make it difficult for parents that wish to dress their child in jeans. Gpants feel much like a reusable nappy wrap and are actually less bulky to carry than a disposable nappy, thus gnappies are ideal for using when out and about as they are lightweight and fit easily into a changing bag. When using disposable inserts, there is no need to bring home wet/ soiled nappies to wash (unless the gpants become wet/ soiled which is unlikely), this may be a welcome break for many parents who wish to use cloth/ reusable nappies but don’t wish to deal with the issue of carrying dirty nappies whilst out and about.