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Small, Slim and Simple Sipping with the Escort Vienna

When it came to weaning her children, Sara Keel found that she could never find the cup she wanted. Most cups seemed far too big when compared to a baby or a toddlers hands, mouth or head and seemed the equivalent to an adult drinking from a bucket! Sara also worried that many of the toddler cups on the market required intense sucking and she found herself regularly removing valves and spouts from different sippy cups, so that her children were able to drink properly. By the time Sara had her third child she decided not to bother purchasing anymore sippy cups and instead, Sara decided to design her own cup which would suit the needs of her child effectively and which she branded the Escort Vienna.

The Escort Vienna is a small cup suitable for children aged six months and over. This cup is similar to a very small beaker, or a medicine cup and can be used as an infant/ toddler cup or is also suitable for cup-feeding milk to newborn children, including premature babies (please discuss this with your healthcare professional beforehand). Each Escort Vienna holds up to 50ml of water and has volumetric markings in 10ml increments on the side of the cup. As this cup holds only a small amount of water, it can easily be cleaned up should it be spilt. The Escort Vienna enables infants and toddlers to practice holding a cup, encouraging children to practice their fine motor skills and to learn to sip water as required. The Escort Vienna comes in four differing colours (pink, blue, green and yellow) and is translucent so that children are able to view how much water is in the cup (helping to prevent any spillages from occuring).

Mums Baby Magazine were sent a pack of four Escort Viennas to put to the test with some little hands. We found that our little tester greatly enjoyed pouring water into and out of the Escort Vienna, practicing using the cup as a container for water play. He also used the cup to drink from as he found it far easier to drink from than his usual cup as it was lighter, easier to grasp and smaller for him to get his mouth to edge of. We found that by offering our young tester the Escort Vienna he actually drank more water than usual as it was far more enjoyable for him, especially when we introduced stories and games such as Goldilocks & The Three Bears with three differing sized beakers (including the Escort Vienna) and playing ‘Cafe’ when we he practiced pouring water into the cups from a small jug for his pretend customers.

The Escort Vienna is made of non-toxic materials (it is BPA and phthalates free). It should be cleaned thoroughly before use, the Escort Vienna should be washed in in warm soapy water and rinsed in clean water for the best results. The Escort Vienna is easy to clean as it has no nooks or crannies, it is also dishwasher (on the top rack only) and steriliser safe. It is however, not suitable for hot drinks nor should it be used in a conventional microwave oven.

The Escort Vienna isn’t only popular with parents and children but also loved by dentists. Many dentists suggest that spouted cups may contribute to poor dental and facial development and may also be a factor in early tooth decay. The Escort Vienna is an open cup with a slim edge, therefore making it easier for young children with smaller mouths to drink from thus supporting oral health as the Escort Vienna is not detrimental to your baby’s dental or facial development.

6_thumb2Whilst Mums Baby Magazine were quite impressed with the Escort Vienna, we found it very similar to an everyday medicine/ baby feeding cup. However, we really liked how robust, lightweight and colourful each Escort Vienna was and we found that our little testers greatly enjoyed drinking from these cups, rather than a conventional Sippy cup/ beaker, we therefore gave the Escort Vienna 6/10 for it’s simple yet effective design.